photorealistic CGI

Photorealistic Computer Generated Images (CGI)

Computer generated imagery (CGI for short) is a part of computer graphics used to create photorealistic visual effects. The state-of-the-art software tools involving CGI can produce virtual objects, photorealistic textures, realistic visual effects, dynamic or static two-dimensional, or three-dimensional scenes. These apps can make it today nearly impossible to distinguish the real from the photorealistic appearance in computer-generated images.

It is not very difficult now to precisely create a realistic digital image of an object that is non-existent physically at the moment. This may help in the design process of various products: components of industrial equipment, vehicles, gadgets, and devices, packing items, glass objects, footwear, clothes, and many others. Complex photorealistic textures, such as human skin, hair, plumage, vegetal surfaces, and more, can also be generated in this way.

These artificial images tend to spread rapidly into web sites, catalog pages, posters, banners, or other advertising material. Now, it can be observed a strong trend to replace product photography with CGI.

We can design photorealistic images in a raster or vector format. Just send us a few relevant instructions and a reference image, which may even be sketched by hand. Within 24 hours, you will receive a free quote and an estimated lead time.

Photorealistic Images Application

Any professional photographer knows very well how difficult it is to catch the image of a transparent object, especially a glass one. The effects of reflections and refraction on the curved glass surfaces require special lighting and ambient controls. Capturing clean images of these kinds of objects is not easily achieved, even with a professional camera in a very well-equipped photo studio. In many cases, a photo image requires removing the unwanted effects and replacing them with something artfully created instead, which can involve complicated and time-consuming procedures. Moreover, removing the background from a photo image of a glass object is almost an impossible task.
In such situations, CGI becomes a valuable alternative.

  • photorealistic image decanter photo

See here a photorealistic image. The image of a wine decanter has been generated from scratch. Move the mouse over the image to compare it with the photo of a similar glass object.

The Photoshop action used to create the computer-generated version can be downloaded here for free. The virtual object thus created retains glass transparency and reflection effects and can be easily placed into another scene like this below.

virtual scene

CGI Samples Gallery

See here some of our photorealistic images. Click (or tap) on the next image to view all gallery behind it. These images are not photos. All of them are generated from scratch using Photoshop and/or Illustrator, along with complementary software tools we have developed for this purpose.
For complex projects, we use specialized applications such as Modo, Maya, 3ds Max, or KeyShots.