read aloud ebooks

Read Aloud eBooks

In read aloud ebooks the visual rendering of text is accompanied by and synchronized to the rendering of audio files embedded in the ebook container. “Read aloud" assumes that the words in the recorded audio fit the written text. Two separate documents, ebook and audiobook, are aggregated into a single electronic document - read aloud ebook.

The read aloud files can be presented in EPUB or PDF format. EPUB format present reflowable layout and can fully exploit the capabilities of modern e-reading devices to dynamically paginate and adapt content display to various screens. But EPUB can also, like PDF, represent fixed layout, pre-paginated content. Moreover, the latest version of EPUB (EPUB3), supports Media Overlays. This specification defines a profile of SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) grammar for synchronizing text rendering with audio playback. Advanced features such as synchronous highlighting of the text while reading and touch-to-play can be enabled as well.

Audio file can be created pre-recording the human reading of the text or using Text To Speech (TTS) specialized software apps. The best quality of audio can be achieved employing professional voice actors to narrate the text. This is usually an expensive solution and also not a very affordable one. As a convenient alternative, we use TTS software to generate naturally sounding synthetic voices from text.

You can choose between english, french, german, spanish or italian languages and for each of them, between male or female voice.
Request us for a free trial and we will return you a sample of your text in EPUB3 or PDF document with high quality synthetic voice embedded.

Benefits of Read Aloud eBooks

Cognitive Enhancement

cognitive A person exposed to simultaneous reading and listening retains more information than just simple reading or listening.

Resource for eLearning

eLearning Read Aloud EPUB is a valuable tool for online courses, tutorials, multimedia presentations or foreign language learning and pronunciation improvement.

Disability Assistance

assistance Simultaneous reading and listening are useful for mitigating reading disabilities such as dyslexia.

Immersive Experience

immersive Reading a text while listening can provide a special immersive experience.