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Photo to Digital Painting Conversion

Photos can assume a new artistic dimension by applying digital painting effects: watercolour, pastel, oil painting, engraving, retro, new age, pop art, caricature and so on. The digital images thus obtained can be printed on various materials. Spectacular paintings can be obtained using even low-quality and small photos. Printed on canvas, a digital painting creates a long-lived piece of artwork that will be cherished for years.

Several online applications, many of them free, allow automatic conversion, even directly to your tablet or mobile phone. This option is very affordable but offers less flexibility and limited quality. These apps do not allow, for instance, mixing multiple photographic images with painted elements to make a digital image unique and spectacular.

Manual conversion using the painting tools embedded in professional digital image editing apps, assisted by additional software tools (effects, filters, plug-ins) to automate part of the process steps, is the successful way we follow for years to delight our customers. The digital images such obtained virtualize real painting texture: bristle brushwork, impasto, ink, chalk, pastel, pencil, canvas or paper, and so on. Memories capted into a photo of a landscape, portrait or event can be transfered into a timeless artwork with unique, magical and captivating look. Furthermore, a photographic image can be interpreted in various painting manners. Starting from a single photo we can create different memorable pieces of digital art, each able to impress in its own way.

You can request several styles and pictorial effects or ask us for suggestions. Send us your request and within 24 hours, you will receive a free quote and an estimated lead time.

A few examples are presented here.
Mouse over or for mobile devices just tap the image to see the source photo.

  • puppeteer painting puppeteer photo
  • caricatură chamonix
  • new age ilinca photo
  • clastre painting clastre photo
  • annecy painting annecy_photo
  • bouquinistes_watercolour bouquinistes_photo
  • desen car photo

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