complex documents design & formatting

Complex Documents Design & Formatting

Marketing materials represent the extension of sales force for any company. An impressive presentation, a precise technical content, and a consistent and compelling message are essential. Whether your company's need is for brochures, booklets, catalogs, flyers, posters, newsletters or reports, we will create high quality material to give your company the best image possible.

If someone needs editing in digital format of a document of any kind: BSc or MSc thesis, essay, paper, dissertation, report, memo, manual, book, resume or letter, we will be happy to fully meet! We can create an impressive presentation by making careful typeface choice, designing page layout, professional editing of tables and graphics, designing covers and adding original illustrations. High quality design and formatting of technical complex documents that include graphs, charts, diagrams, symbols, mathematical equations, is our advantage.

Documents design and formatting process cumulates the full range of digital editing services: graphic design, image processing, complex documents editing, DTP, prepress.

We process documents written in any language that uses latin characters. Our service do not include the proofreading of the text. We process the text as it was received.

The default format of the edited documents is “pdf”. Formatting and converting a multi-page document in eBook format (ePub, mobi) can be included in your request. See eBook Formatting page.

You can send documents for editing in any text format as well as digital image. Readable digital copies of handwritten documents will be accepted also.