ebook formatting

eBook Formatting

The eBook formatting is the process of creating files in digital formats recognized by devices with eReader facilities such as Kindle, Nook, iPad or iPhone. In this context the concept of "book" should not be strictly construed. Any document, regardless of the nature or volume of the content can be converted in digital flexible format (reflowable layout) adapted to the screens of various devices: computers, tablets, phones, eReaders. Presentation of the document is no longer linked with paper, do not depends of the printing process and the notion "page" disappears.
The main eBook formats are Epub, Mobi and Kindle. Epub format has spread rapidly and has become the standard. It is a non-proprietary, free format, but also supports DRM (Digital Rights Management) - a great way for content protection.

Our eBook Formatting Service uses some of the most advanced eBook technology in the industry. By adequately structuring the raw text, images and graphics we make complex eBooks who look like a printed book and keep in the same time all the benefits provided by the eReader devices. Sophisticated style elements such as nested table of content, sidebars, drop caps, color text, multilevel lists, tables, symbols or formulas are our specialty.
We do not use automated eBook conversion. These procedures often lead to errors as run-on sentences, broken paragraphs, missing punctuation or even missing words. Our editors operate manually to turn your document into an elegant, professional-looking eBook.

Upload your raw documents as PDF, InDesign, Word or even plain text. No pre-formatting or style guides are needed. Our specialized formatters will do this work for you. Embedding read-aloud sound in eBook file can be included in your request. See Read Aloud eBooks page.