photo retouch

Basic Photo Retouch

The basic retouch of a digital photo involves no additions or alterations, only an enhancement of the overall aspects of the image by correcting shooting errors. This does not require any difficult procedures and is a very fast and cheap service. We can process more than one hundred images in one hour at a higher level of quality than the free online digital photo editing services can do.

You should note that if you intend to order advanced photo digital editing services, the basic retouch will be included by default for free. If you intend to limit the request to a basic retouch, this option is recommended only for large batches of photos. Contact us.

Otherwise, you may decide to do the basic retouch of your photos yourself. We offer BasicRetouch, a free and very simple Photoshop action. If you own Photoshop CC and elementary skills in it, you can run this action to automate all the necessary basic fixes for your photos: exposure adjustment, brightness and contrast improvement, clarity enhancement, white balancing, cast removal and noise or haze reduction. The result will be better than you can get from the free online digital photo editing services.

Download here BasicRetouch for free. This is a non-destructive action. Use it to process batches of photos. After this, the individual correction of each image will be much easier.

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